GLAMGLOW Mask Review

From Hollywood to a homemaking Mumma, GLAMGLOW is here to get your natural glow on.

These masks are particularly useful to clean and refresh skin and therefore yourself! Here is what I think of the THIRSTYMUD HYDRATING TREATMENT and the SUPERMUD CLEARING TREATMENT. Enjoy this GLAMGLOW Mask Reviews.


GLAMGLOW Mask Review

I discovered this US-based beauty brand Sitting at my desk researching mask formulations and variations (paper, mud, gel, clay etc). I stocked up on the stuff in 2015 from the shelves of Sephora on a trip to the USA and fell in love.


Not like other masks

As soon as I applied this mask, I could see it was different, I really loved the texture. It did not dry up, rather it felt like it was giving your skin a real drink – hence the nameTHIRSTYMUD HYDRATING TREATMENT.

The ultra-hydrating mask glides onto skin- especially when using the applicator, the mud cools and moisturises to really quench your skin’s thirst.


After washing it off, results were instant and felt super refreshing. My face felt smooth and replenished. I love the texture and that the mask can be used 2-3 times a week.



My favourite, the SUPERMUD CLEARING TREATMENT works wonders as promised and had little natural surprises. These natural surprises are what made me keep wanting to go back for more, it contains real eucalyptus leaves and really gives it a natural Australian touch. This was a huge bonus, as I knew the scientifically advanced treatment worked and had been proven but this was so unexpected. A mixture of natural mud and science to smooth your skin. Of course, the tea tree also has natural antibacterial and healing properties and I love the aroma. It gives a beautiful feeling when washing it off.


Use this one sparingly and best to avoid if you have sensitive skin. It’s an easy to use and effective treatment to diminish fine lines, blemishes and make your skin feel refined and purified. I just love it!

Mask2Thankfully, we don’t have to travel far to find these masks anymore, they are now available at Mecca or via the GLAMGLOW website.

Looking after your skin (and yourself) is hard to make a priority but a little pampering goes a long way. Even if it is just a quick mud mask and shower, for me, that’s perfect in between looking after these two…

Officially a #GLAMAHOLIC

love to hear what you think of these GLAMGLOW Masks? Do you have one to review?

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