You saved me again YSL, cue BLACK OPIUM. It’s the ultimate Winter fragrance in this sleek black bottle.

This stunning scent from YSL’s Opium range claims a ‘glam rock aesthetic’ however, I was more intrigued by the subtle yet strong hint of coffee, in a fragrance – it was love at first sniff…

Review YSL BLACK OPIUM fragranceA Unique Fragrance

I’ve never seen it used in a high-end fragrance before, but it works, especially when paired with the sticky notes of vanilla and white florals which uphold its feminine side. The perfume adds a little luxury to every day and cuts through the cr#p with those bitter notes of coffee.

If you’re a Mum like me, it’s guaranteed to cover up any lingering scents of off milk or worse (baby vomit, a missed shower). It won’t make you smell like a cappuccino, more, it masks any unforeseen scents and is perfect for the cold with the warmer Winter undertones.

No time to wash? still trying to make that Friday date? Black Opium is all over it to create that mystery and help you feel like the beautiful woman you are.

Sammy xx

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