Frank Body Coconut Coffee Scrub Review

Let’s be frank, there are plenty of coffee scrubs out there but this one seems to have a great marketing team and an alluring promise – baby smooth skin with natural ingredients. So I pulled in my sister and we gave it a go.

Mr. Frank, you say a natural body scrub that promises skin as soft as babies… Yes, please.

Frank body coconut & coffee scrub baby
Like Mother like daughter, we like to ‘Get naked. Get dirty. Get rough. Get clean.’ – Frank Body

What It Is

Frank Body is an all natural Aussie skincare brand that is exploding all over the beauty world. I had to jump on board and try out one of their famous Original Coffe Scrubs. Well, I opted for the coconut & coffee scrub to sweeten the scent of old coffee beans. The packaging was so generous that two of us could try it out.

Frank body coconut & coffee scrub

Frank Body Coconut Coffee Scrub

Tips For Use

If you have not already tried this, read these top tips beforehand as the instructions on the packet are scarce!

1. It gets messy – try outside or be prepared to wash down the bathroom as you wash yourself off.

2. You really have to love coffee for this one. Although if you don’t drink coffee, this is the second best way to indulge in coffee.

3. Try some coconut oil or at least wet skin before applying the scrub.

4. Focus on areas that need more exfoliation, gently rub into the skin with the palm of your hand.

5. The hidden jojoba beads are the best! I think they are what makes it feel so smooth and luxurious on your skin after the stimulating exfoliating coffee beans are scrubbed off.



The effects are real, anti-oxidant fuelled caffeine is known to stimulate the skin, re-energize and help fight cellulite… It will even out a tan, eliminate old skin cells and get your skin glowing.

Thank you Frank Body, after a messy shower/rinse/pamper session skin was feeling smooth and beautiful. LOVE the Frank Body Coffee Scrub with coconut.😍  The stuff lasts for a while so seal off the bag and save it for another pamper day.

Take a look here at the range! Happy scrubbing.

Sammy x

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