Organic Self Tanning Dry Oil Review

As a girl who loves to glow I try to apply tan every week and am quite picky about ingredients, the colour, and smell of fake tan. This one was defiantly one to try given the added oils and magnesium.

Self Tan Dry Oil Review

La Mav let me try their new Organic-Self Tan Dry Oil. It is infused with Magnesium (an excellent mineral for collagen and elastin production). I loved the sound of this tan as a Dry Oil – organic and free of parabens, sulphates, silicones, and all those nasties. It also has added benefits of Aloe Vera & Green Tea extracts, plus Argan & Macadamia Oils – all which not only moisturise your skin but hold fantastic anti-aging qualities.


After exfoliating in the shower I was ready to apply. The oil seemed to run out of the bottle very quickly (I used my hands so next time will use a tanning applicator) but I managed to rub it in everywhere and it was instantly absorbed and left skin feeling smooth, nourished and beautiful.


Four hours later there were no streaks or fake tan smell, just that even golden glow I love! Colour was on point, not too dark and I would recommend this for people with fairer skin of any age.


After Thoughts

I have never used a self-tan dry tan oil before, I found it quite tricky to use but was very impressed with the extra ingredients La Mav used to nourish the skin. The highlight was definitely the extra smooth feeling on my skin I have 2 days later. If needed you can always apply another coat to darken or freshen up the colour.

Have you tried a Self-tan dry oil?

Sammy x


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