Simple 6 Step Essie Polish DIY Mani

Love fresh nails? It really does not take too long to paint your nails – here are some tips.

TV is on, wine poured, its pamper time.

DIY Essie Polish


Essie is so easy to find online or in Priceline. I recently bought a whole lot of polishes from Essie, plus they have the entire range of beautiful colours and they nail the prep and top coat products.

Simple 6 Step Essie Polish DIY Mani

Half an hour is all it takes to prepare your hands for whatever life throws at them. I put this mini mani using Essie Polish into six simple steps.


For a solid base, give your nails a once-over with some nail polish remover. Acetone-free is a good choice, add to a cotton wool ball and ensure your nails are free of all dirt and oil.

NailFile2. BUFF

Use a medium grain buffer to smooth out those nail edges. Lightly buff one way and try shape all nails evenly into the shape you like.

Anyone love the ‘squoval’ – mixing ‘square’ and ‘oval’ shaped nails as much as I do? <3


ApBase Coatply a thin layer of base coat, such as Essie’s Protein base coat and allow a minute for it to dry.


Starting from the bottom of your nail and working up and out, apply about 2 coats of polish till you reach full coverage of your desired nail colour.


Liberally apply a glossy top coat. Quick dry coats are a bonus as they add shine and seal the nail in seconds.

TIP: Nail polish application does not have to be perfect. You can clean up the edges with a cotton wool bud or remover at the end after the paint is dry to make it a faster process.

5. SET

To ensure the first few layers of your new mani are set, pop your hands in a bowl of cold water. They will not be fully dry but set enough to be able to go about your business.

6. DRY

Now all you need to do is get your beauty sleep and let your nails dry thoroughly overnight. 8 hours sleep will give you the most beautiful shine and resilience to your manicure, as well as your mind!

Voila!! You have an Essie polish mini mani worth getting out of bed forEssie Polish Mini Mani

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