Threading Back My Brows

Natural, thick and beautifully shaped eyebrows can take years off your face, hell, they even made me look happier. Thanks to a threading therapist, I managed to transform my barely-there brows into the fuller, natural brows I was born with!

All eyebrows have their own individual style and have three main functions – facial expressiveness, framing the face and of course, protecting your eyes from water and other debris – ok ill stop lecturing, I just wish someone had told my younger self this.

At 12, my brows were at their fullest, super youthful, natural and actually did their job. Unfortunately, my lusciously thick brows stopped at 13. I began experimenting with beauty and had my first brow shape. Fast forward another 13 years of bad wax jobs and over-plucking, I was a 25-year-old who was used to drawing on her brows!


Let’s be honest, no one is really going to say you have bad brows unless you ask, and before that, you have to actually be aware of the problem. I feel there are a heap of women like myself who don’t see brows thinning and how much it impacts facial expressiveness.

First was the consultation. I was sat down and handed a mirror as my brow expert began explaining the three points where my eyebrows should meet and how badly I needed to grow them out. The brow expert was Ros at the brown bar in Westfield Sydney CBD, sadly it’s no longer there. She explained again why full brows are so important in protecting your face and helping you feel more yourself, softer and even younger. It was one of those lightbulb moments 💡 I was dumbfounded on how thin my brows had become over the years without me even realising!

She went on explaining how much I needed to grow at least 3 more rows of hair around my brow bone to round out and reshape my face. I was reassured that my hair is thick, will grow fast and told that I would have great brows in 6 weeks. The challenge was simple – don’t touch your eyebrows! Let them grow, let them grow, let them grow. If there is not much growth by the third week try some growth serums (See here for my list) and wait another 6 weeks.

Next came the threading reshape and clean up. Threading is an ancient technique. It is natural and far less invasive than waxing. Threading simply uses a piece of fresh natural cotton thread to twist every last piece of hair out in a perfectly straight line. Overall, it’s better for your skin, the environment and gives a razor-sharp definition.

BrowThreading1The actual threading process was not so bad, it hurt less than tweezing and was over with a few swift threads. I could already see how crisp the edges came out and I was hooked. She drew on the brow shape I was aiming for and taught me how to do the same whilst I grew everything out. It looked SO much better.

6 weeks later, I was back in the chair to see my progress. To my delight, brows had grown those three extra rows and were looking far thicker and more natural again. Below I am at my final touch up, I brought fellow blogger Jo (Check her awesome blog Bam It’s Joanne) who took some pics to document my new ‘on point’ brows!


Jo & I are on a mission to find the best threading bar in Sydney so if you have any recommendations please let us know in the comments below!

Happy threading.

Sammy xx

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