Super Greens For Glowing Skin

Think Kale, Chia seeds and Spirulina are just for juicing? Think again, because Sukin has transformed these extracts into a brand-new skincare line – Super Greens For Glowing Skin.

Super Greens For Glowing Skin

I’m in for anything that promises hydration – nothing like saying ‘it will make your skin glow’ to get my attention. Plus, you can pick up their entire new Super Greens range (pictured in the top feature image) for less than $120 from Priceline, most chemists or on their website.

If It’s Good For Emma…

When Emma Watson talks about skincare, people listen, they will listen when she talks full stop! So when I saw her post on @the_press_tour about using Sukin’s $10 Hydrating Mist Toner as part of her skin preparation for a tour, I took note. The Rose-water and Chamomile lotion is alcohol and paraben free – always nice to see.

Sukin Skincare

I love that the brand is so affordable, natural, animal-friendly, is carbon neutral vegan.

The latest Super Greens line is unified with a unique formula from super green extracts like Spirulina, Kale, Parsley and Chlorella which Sukin promises to brighten complexion and improve skin texture. Here are my standouts from the range:


Naturally, Chia Seeds are the richest botanical source of Omega 3 fatty acids which is a real superfood! I often make Coconut Chia pudding for my 1-year-old twins and sometimes sneak other goodies like blueberries and even spinach in there and they eat it up. When I make the pudding, I see it expand and it’s obvious how the Chia draws in and retains moisture.

For me, it’s a no brainer why you would want this as a nourishing oil for your skin. The mix has left out the nasties such as SLES (Sodium Lauryl & Laureth Sulphate), synthetic fragrances, mineral oils, and parabens. It has added oils from Hemp seeds, Olive Fruit, Baobab Oil plus Sukin’s special Super Green blend to rehydrate as a clean nourishing oil for skin.

A similar product is the SUPER GREENS CLEANSING OIL. It too contains the oil mix of the Nourishing Chia Seed Oil+ with the signature Super Greens blend but had added Jojoba, Grapeseed and Sunflower oils. When mixed with warm water it creates a slight foam that gently dissolves unwanted oils, makeup and dirt residue whilst leaving the skin soft and hydrated. I like to use cleansing oils as part of a double cleansing routine – first to remove dirt, second to clean skin. Remember exfoliating is super important every few days. In addition, there is the Super Greens Detoxifying Facial Scrub into this routine to keep a polished glow.



I like this 15-minute mud mask for hydration. It’s really easy to use and the natural based ingredients don’t dry skin out.

The Ingredients again are the Super Greens blend with Avocado and Rosehip Oil which soothed and hydrated skin with the cooling mud. The mask does not really dry to much on the skin so it seems to lock in moisture quite well. Not all ingredients in the range are natural but they are a great start to good skin.

A simple and cleverly designed range to boost your skin’s hydration and give you that healthy glow.

Quick Tip – Rid your skin of impurities and feel revitalized by combining this new range with sleep, lots of water and of course, consuming your super greens! Try blending 1 cup of kale with 1/2 a frozen banana, 1/2 a cup of coconut water, a sprig of parsley and a handful of blueberries for a beautiful Super Green Smoothie with anti-oxidants to boost results and really glow from the inside out. mmmm

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Sammy xx

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