Dermal Fillers At The Skin Manifesto

My skin changed dramatically after becoming a mum. So I went to The Skin Manifesto for some much-needed me-time and to begin my journey back to happy healthy skin and self. 

Dermal Fillers at The Skin Manifesto is my experience receiving Dermal Fillers in 2016. Before kids, I never considered them for me. But after having the treatment, I was surprised just how great the results were – this treatment was a winner and has made me feel like my old self again.

Concerns to address

Smile Before

After living off little sleep and too many coffees, my skin was so dehydrated the corners of my mouth and under-eyes were beginning to resemble raisins. I caught a look at a picture of myself in which I appeared 10 years older than I felt. Worse, this picture (on left) was taken at a wedding with a full face of freshly applied, professional makeup.

My poor skin was suffering from trying so many products in an attempt to reverse the damage of the past year: it had dried out and become really sensitive and flaky, especially the delicate skin around my eyes. I don’t mean to go on about my flaws (I know I’m young). But the fact is, my face had dramatically changed in a year and as a beauty expert who has tried everything. I could not ignore the option of cosmetic injectables – a treatment that has worked for so many friends, celebs and beauty gurus.

Walking in past the medical suites at The Skin Manifesto I was comfortable seeing a highly trained, experienced & certified medical professional.

Finding the right Clinic

After some research I decided on The Skin Manifesto. First contact was through Instagram as they always have great skincare and beauty wisdom to share. My to-be injector also had all the relevant qualifications (Registered Nurse). Along with 10 years experience in skincare (including at both a place I used to work and at my current skincare clinic). Plus, the similarities in our brand names did not go unnoticed! I booked in for a consultation ASAP.

Initial Consultation

During the initial consult, Andrea listened to all of my skin concerns and was so lovely in answering the barrage of questions I threw her way. She presented a tailor-made ‘rejuvenation activation’ program to help bring my skin back. First step would be the fillers, and I was so excited.

Andrea meticulously went through the plan and told me what could be used where, why and how it would affect the area according to my concerns. For example, the under-eye area would benefit from a specific filler, as she explained:

“Hyaluronic Acid [a substance naturally occurring in the body] filler is used to treat the under-eye hollows by correcting the natural volume loss that can occur due to the natural ageing process or through significant weight loss. A natural refreshed and rejuvenated appearance can be achieved when the right Hyaluronic Acid filler is used to correct the under-eye hollows.”

Tailoring Treatment To My Specific Conerns

I was delighted to hear that some other concerns, such as the nasal labial folds, could be fixed by adding volume to sunken cheeks. As she said, “The cheek filler replaces this fat and when applied to the correct areas can actually lift away those lines from the mouth.” I liked the sound of that.

We arranged to meet again in 2 weeks. After a few more questions I had about side effects, how to avoid them and what to look out for. There was so much info on this I have written another post about it. If you are wondering how safe fillers are and exactly what is in them and what to look out for, read the next blog on 10 Things To Know On Cosmetic Injections.


2 weeks later, I came back and began filling out some more forms as we talked through what to expect and spoke to Dr Judith (The consulting doctor via Skype) to cover all bases. After being given the all clear, numbing cream was applied to the areas to be treated. As I sat in the chair letting it all sink in, I felt at ease, I thought I would be apprehensive. But after talking over everything and getting the all clear from the Doctor I was more excited. I had done my research and it was clear from the get-go that at The Skin Manifesto they know what they are doing and have their clients best interests at heart.
IMG_7272What It Felt Like

I was handed some ice to help numb the area and reduce swelling, then the first injection came and went. Seeing I have given birth to twins, I was not worried about the pain. In any case, it was very minimal – it felt like tiny pinpricks. There was a slight sinus pressure feeling when the needle went under my eyes but that was it. Only a small amount of Filler was inserted to give a very natural look, I had 1ml for under my eyes and another kind (Voluma) around my cheeks, with the option to add a little more in a few weeks.

Recovery  StraightAfter

I was told to expect bruising due to my sensitive skin and that I would be lucky if I did not. I knew she was being on the safe side – my face did not show up any bruising – but I was thankful for the warning. What I did experience was a little rosacea (redness) and lumps directly after the treatment – all of which are common side effects.

I was advised not to massage the injection site and to avoid exposing my face to extreme temperatures for 2 weeks. Everything else was business as usual. Despite really wanting to touch my face, I refrained. Instead I was given a tub of Arnica Cream that I lightly applied twice a day for 3 days after. I also took home the post-treatment instructions and some Beauté Pacifique skincare samples to begin the next steps in rejuvenating my skin. As soon as I went home, I could already see results coming through (see picture on the right). An hour after treatment the redness had gone away and the swelling made my cheeks instantly look plump!


It has been 4 weeks and I could not be happier with the results. I actually have cheeks when I smile and the random lines around my mouth are gone. Cheeks feel much fuller and my sunken face and eye bags are lifted – they completely went a week after treatment, but I often rub my eyes from allergies (dust mites, etc.) and get little sleep so the eye bags are now slightly visible. Still, it feels like I’ve just had a face-lift, everything just seems a little perkier, a little plumper and my face is refreshed. I think I actually look happier and healthier now that the area under my eyes seems to have reclaimed its natural glow.

After Thoughts

My best friend commented straight away that I was more radiant, and when I walked into my mothers group, they were all wondering what new makeup I had on… I was happy to share my story because the results of the treatment have made me once again feel like myself. I’m not someone to shy away or try to cover up what I do for beauty and to feel good, but I would also never tell anyone else what to do. Please don’t feel pressured into doing anything you don’t feel 100% about. There is too much pressure in this world already and everyone is beautiful when they let their wonderful light shine through!

Please note I am not a doctor, everything in this post is based purely on my experience. Always consult your healthcare practitioner to ensure what you are doing is right for you.

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  1. Loved the blog. I’m wanting to try fillets as I’m 46 and feel I need plumping and hate how my dimples hose now left slits that look like lines.. Now to find a reputable place here .. Thankyou

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