To Be Beyoncé

Update 14/7/17 >> Now that Sir Carter and Rumi have entered the world… From Queen to Goddess, Beyoncé has reached a saintly level. Yet, in some ways, she is so relatable, right? Maybe it’s because she has just had twins and I get what she may have gone through. But the bigger Bey gets the more reach she has. Yes, Beyonce is out of this world, so full of love beauty and life on and off stage. But at the end of the day, she is a woman who does some incredible things. I wanted to explore that a little more so I had to dedicate a post to her and all the women she has empowered. #Bowdown 👸

Why do we love Bey? Her music? Becuase she is a Mum? Is she not afraid to be as beautiful as she is? Or maybe it’s because stands up for her rights and the people around her, she does what she can to make a difference and believes? I’ll go with D. All of the above!

Beyonce and her twins Sir Carter and Rumi.
Beyonce and her twins Sir Carter and Rumi. source: Instagram

Can You Relate To Beyonce?

Okay let’s just get real, by ‘relatable’ I mean, she is human, but look at that picture haha what a life! Here are some hilarious quotes from my fellow twin Mum’s who shared this pic:

“Beyonce’s Twins!!!  strangely my first thought when I saw this pic was “I want Twins!!!” 😂😂” 

“This is just what I looked like after I gave birth!!” “Stop it! I was going to say the same thing. Just like the picture I took outside my waterfront mansion!”

“We all totally looked like this too😂

Maybe Some Can?

Like most, I’ve always idolised her, my sister is crazy about her (5-hour line-up for front row seats, an avid member of the Beyhive – Gen Xs are off the chart). Most women I know grew up with her, trying to ‘dance like Beyonce’ and listening to her lyrics “all my women, who independent”…

My sister and I front row watching Beyonce in 2014
My sister and I front row watching Beyonce in 2014

A New Mum Of Twins

Now she enters another realm with the new additions to her tribe (OMG I just had twins, does this make us soul sisters?) she delivered the news with the most intriguing photo series and tops it off with an incredible Grammy performance 🙏🌟 (soak up all these images on her site

Image from
Image from

I know what a huge impact she has had on my life and so many others. Like her or not, she holds a huge influence in this world and I like to believe that she is using that for good, to make a real difference. Have you ever heard of #BeyGOOD?

It’s an initiative where she gives back and encourages everyone else who is in the position to do the same. From helping women and girls at It has backed a range of initiatives from paediatric care to Haiti and Hurricane Katrina (see her Survivor Foundation). She spreads her wings everywhere, helping, breaking down barriers and fighting for what’s right. She stands up strong for equality, human rights, even simply to give us the confidence to be ourselves no matter who is watching.

Thank You Beyonce

So to Beyonce and her tribe, as a daughter, singer, lover, mother, mogul and feminist… Thanks for making #lemonade 🍋 thanks for being #Flawless, thanks for being humble, thanks for being Sasha Fierce and embodying all we wish to be. You appear so accessible, reaching out to your fans, sharing pictures. Yet you’re such an ethereal human.

Thank you, Beyoncé

ps. This International Women’s day on March 8th also happens to be my birthday and our twins b’day! We are hanging out to see what the BeyGOOD initiative will do and how we can help. #Grateful 

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