Getting Ready With @Jenuineblogger

A group of us were invited to the most magical wedding in Perth, held a the new Crown Towers with lots of friends and family. We were all flying in from around the world for the weekend and were so excited to see the lovely couple get married. Dresses were chosen, gifts were wrapped, RSVPs were in and we could not wait to dance the night away with everyone. We wanted glam it up, but did not have a squad on hand to help achieve a really polished look that would last all day and into the night – what to do!IMG_9685

How I found @Jenuineblogger

I took to Instagram and asked a few blogger friends if they could recommend any hair/makeup artists in Perth, I’m so glad I did. We found Jen @jenuineblogger literally the day before the event, she was so lovely. I explained our situation to her and thankfully she was happy to help and arranged to meet us at our hotel the next morning.

Glamification Station

It was great there were a few of us staying in the hotel who needed some help to glamify. This happens in so many situations where there is a big event, girls get ready together but don’t have an expert who can help with the primping and polishing – It’s the perfect scenario to get some professionals in to help get ready although its rarely done. Even now, I’m going to a hens party tomorrow and would love to find someone to help a few of us get ready. It’s inspired me to put together some hair and makeup recommendations on my Go-To Glow page for more info!

Getting Ready With@Jenuineblogger

We met Jen at breakfast in the hotel lobby, ordered some coffees to our room and Jen got right onto styling. First was the gorgeous girl pictured above. She had actually booked into a salon to get her hair done but decided to cancel and have her hair done with jen at the hotel for 3 reasons:

  • It’s so much more fun getting ready with the gals and access to everything you need.
  • Price was more than double to go into the salon – a place where she had never been so was unsure of who was doing her hair and what to expect.
  • There was time and logistical complication of having to get to and from the salon.

She was SO thankful Jen was there to do her hair exactly how she wanted it, she had us all around to share opinions on the hair and even the makeup and accessories, it was so much more relaxed.

jen1Following were 2 other lovely ladies who had a side-do and big beautiful curls. By this time, word got out that we had someone doing our hair and more friend started calling and wanted to come join the fun! Sadly there was just no time. We migrated to my hotel room so I could get everything else ready whilst my hair was getting done, we ordered some more champagne as by this time it was midday (for a 2pm wedding) and the party was getting started!

My curls were gorgeous, Jen had to dash off to another job and had already stayed over the time she had which was so kind, so I brushed the curls out myself in a hurry. Still, the curls stayed in and I was so happy with the end result.

Some Pictures

She also helped with perfecting my smokey eyes to match the dress and did a few makeup touch ups which really made the day.

We loved getting ready with @Jenuineblogger! We were so happy to have someone there who was a trained professional with all the kit, our hair and makeup lasted, we were relaxed getting ready not worrying about trying to achieve bouncy curls with a hotel hairdryer, no experience and no time!

Below are some more pics from the day and here is more info on Jen


The Glow Manifesto wedding ready


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