Herbal Essence Daily Detox Shine Shampoo & Conditioner

I was on of the first to see the new Herbal Essence Daily Detox Shine white tea and mint shampoo & conditioner to review as a part of the Beautyheaven trial team. I wanted to elaborate on my experience because everyone needs a go-to product to wash your hair. One that you can pick up in your weekly shop.🌱

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Initial Thoughts

Why is it so hard to find a good shampoo these days? My current shampoo is specifically for Keratin treated hair (available only from salons), so it’s not easy to get. My family keeps using it so I welcomed the opportunity to try a more mainstream shampoo for everyone.

Honestly, I am skeptical of supermarket shampoos from a story I heard about them stripping your hair. Although, I was willing to give this a go because my sister loves it. I had a look and also liked that it does not contain silicones. It did not seem to strip my hair and it said that it was safe to use on my blonde, colour treated hair. So I went for it and have not looked back.

White Tea & Mint Smells Good

The white tea mixed with the beautiful mint essence is a great combination. The light peppermint is a perfect mix with the delicate white tea. Heaven when infused with the steam in the shower. I was not expecting such a perfectly balanced pick-me-up in the mornings. It was the scent that got everyone’s attention. The name -Herbal Essence Daily Detox Shine white tea and mint shampoo & conditioner – should have given it away.

After Use

After using it did not dry my hair out like some supermarket shampoo’s can. This was super rich and moisturising for my regular shampoo. It was rather suitable for sensitive skin and even soothing, best of all, it gives a great experience and leaves hair feeling fresh.

Daily Detox Shine white tea and mint shampoo is great for an everyday shampoo that I was not afraid to share with my family! Not only did they also love it but they could use as much as they wanted. I did not have to worry about finding more of the expensive stuff from the salons!

Daily Detox Shine Conditioner

Obviously best used after the DAILY DETOX SHINE SHAMPOO. Following from the shampoo, the conditioner just heightens the experience in the shower when using this because the smell is so lovely.

I have used other Herbal Essence products and this scent is quite different, it’s really gentle, natural smelling and refreshing. It gives a beautiful aroma with the steam and makes having a shower and washing your hair more like taking a break (especially when there are screaming kids running around the house).

Even as a slippery conditioner the bottle was really sleek and easy to use. In the shower, I reached for more conditioner and easily opened it and squeezed it out. The smell was so good I just wanted to use more.


All in all, I would continue to use the Herbal Essence Daily Detox Shine white tea and mint shampoo & conditioner every day. It left my hair feeling soft & smooth, clean, and I love that it also protected the colour in my hair.

Want more on Herbal Essence’s Daily Detox Shine white tea and mint shampoo & conditioner? You can check out the other reviews on Beautyheaven (www.beautyheaven.com.au).

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