Take A Deep Breath – Philosophy Skincare Review

Take A Deep Breath and let Philosophy Skincare combat early signs of ageing and protect your skin. It also allows your skin to breathe a new life! You will love this experience, guaranteed to refresh your face and make you feel awakened.

img_1777-e1499705581852.jpgInitial Thoughts on Philosophy Skincare

Philosophy Skincare’s – Take A Deep Breath Moisturiser just makes you want to stop and, take a deep breath. From all the mayhem going on around us, it’s so important to stop-sigh-and take a deep breath. Try to steal a few minutes out of your day to sit down, slather on some cream and look after YOU.

I sat down to try this product with the awesome well-being magazine called Breathe. I received this from a wonderful ‘Work It’ event put on by the wonderful Elka for her Queenhood blog. Reading it has been a breath of fresh air – quite fitting to photograph with the Philosophy products. So I took some time out to review my experience with the Take A Deep Breath range.

Why Try It?

I recently wrote about the importance of taking care of your skin in an article titled How To Protect Your Skin From Pollution. The point was how living in cities can cause a lot more damage to our skin than first thought, and can wreak havoc on the respiratory system:

external environmental factors facilitate ageing more than we knew. Air pollution comes in many forms including VOCs (think car exhausts, smog), nitrogen oxide gas (from burning fuel) and cigarette smoke. These particles are so small they make their way into our bodies everywhere, through our pores and the air we breathe.

The effects also come about from damaged cells creating those adverse effects like fine lines, uneven skin tone and dehydration. These are NOT solely caused by ageing but are accelerated by those extrinsic factors, luckily for us, this can be addressed.

Take A Deep Breath Oil-Free Oxygenating Gel Cream


The new daily moisturiser from Philosophy Skincare can lend you a new lease on life. ‘Formulated with exclusive clean-air technology™ to deliver oxygen to skin and a patented blend of antioxidants and anti-pollutants to neutralise free radicals that can age the complexion’. (Quote from Adore Beauty, follow my affiliate links on the page for more info). Perfect for preventing those signs of ageing we talked about before.

The hydrating gel-cream is a super lightweight formula that lasts all day. Apply it in the morning after cleansing for protection all day long. I also like to re-apply the Philosophy skin care when I need a little recharge, especially when I’m at home all day with the babies. It adds a little me-time into my hectic days.

This feeling is further encouraged when you open the lid of the light green goodness to unveil a lovely scent. It lightly smells like a fresh misty morning mixed with a hint of calming cucumber –  inviting one to simply take a deep breath.

Oxygenating Eye Gel Cream

The Oxygenating Eye Cream Gel has similar ingredients and uses the same clean-air technology™ to gently protect and rejuvenate the eye area. My eyes are especially sensitive and often get reactions but I find this eye cream gentle enough for me not to react. I feel like it really protects my under-eyes whilst helping erase the tired look from sleepless nights, nourishing my skin and reinvigorating it to appear refreshed.

Take a moment to unwind a little and try some of the delightfully inviting Take A Deep Breath Range from Philosophy Skincare – available from Adore Beauty. After all, it’s important for us women to take time for ourselves, take care of ourselves and relax.

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