Le Tan Uber Dark Self Tanning Foam – Violet Base

Although I’m not tanning it up on a European holiday right now, Le Tan’s new range would have you fooled. I used one of their new self-tans with a violet base and it gave me a bronzed glow that – after only four hours – developed the same level of richness you would see after a month of European sunshine. The new Uber Dark range comes in four variants, perfectly suited to your skin type and it really works.

Snapseed (3)Trial Team Tested

I was one of the first to test Le Tan Uber Dark Self Tanning foam with a Violet Base thanks to Beautyheaven’s trial team and I needed to share this next generation in tanning! There are four new shades carefully tailored to your skincare:

  1. Marula Oil – for all skin types and extra hydration
  2. Green Base – to give a beautiful olive colour, also for all skin types
  3. Ash Base – for a dark tan on fair skin
  4. Violet Base – for a deep colour on olive skin.

Heard Of Le Tan In A Can?

I have been using their products for years, loving all types of Le Tan, and this certainly is the next generation in tanning. Below are two of my old favourites: IMG_1990

I am excited about the new Le Tan Uber Dark Self Tanning Foam because it’s uber dark. Meaning, I don’t have to put on several layers to achieve a deep, even tan. It lasts longer, is 100% vegan and makes a pretty good attempt at being fragrance-free. Because no one likes that icky fake-tan smell!

It’s Easy To Find

Le Tan Uber Dark Self Tanning Foam can be picked up for a little more than usual at $25. I usually pick this up with the weekly online groceries or at chemist warehouse. It’s so great, you don’t even need to leave the house to achieve a beautiful colour.

That European Glow

Just like that European glow. Well, the last time I was in Europe was three years ago now. These days holidays are very different with twins and a need to stay out of the sun! I’m all for faking it in this scenario, to cover all tanning bases – no matter where you are. Below is a clear image where you can see tan and where I don’t, such a difference in colour!


Review Le Tan Uber Dark Self Tanning Foam

Here is the honest review on Le Tan Uber Dark Self Tanning Foam I left for Beautyheaven: I love that in just one application, the colour is a beautiful bronze. After the tan has developed you really start to glow. It is quite strong so the smell is also a little stronger than usual. Although, I think it’s because of the heavy pigment (or whatever they use to make the tan so wonderfully rich).

The Colour Is Worth It

The bronze colour I achieved was the same colour I used to get from a day in the sun. I achieved this after applying only one layer it all over my body with the mitt. I don’t go in the sun much anymore so I love the fact that this tan has come out. It really offers darker, more olive skin tone a glowing tan that really suits them.

It’s just like the spray tans in the salons. Just as long lasting developed bronze and streak free but way more convenient to apply before bed (sleep on a towel in PJs!). Simply wash off after 4 hours or the next morning for a deep glow.

Want More?

Want more on Le Tan Uber Dark Self Tanning Foam? You can check out the other reviews for all four shades on the same site (www.beautyheaven.com.au). Or read this review for the Green Base tan (for all skin types) by fellow beauty blogger, Colour Those Lips:



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