Frank Body’s Shimmer scrub


Thank you, Frank Body for re-releasing this limited edition Shimmer Scrub so we can shimmer and shine all through the silly season.

Summer is almost here and so is Christmas where extra special goodies are popping up everywhere!

This is the special something I want to share today – a Frank Body limited edition Shimmer Scrub review because it’s back! Yes, the sold-out shimmer scrub released earlier this year is back and better than ever so I thought I’d write a little more about it as it is the scrub that literally lets you glow.

If you have not hears of Frank Body, they are a very cool, quirky beauty brand born here in Australia. It is all natural using the coffee beans and a mix of other natural ingredients with no nasties for a surgery scrub. Now with shimmer, this is the scrub that you won’t be afraid to rub all over your body.

Derobe and strobe

Did I mention there are actually shimmer particles in here? Yup, mini holographic particles are mixed up in the scrub to leave you shimmering your way through the day.

Don’t forget about the natural stimulation from their signature robusta coffee beans mixed with sugar, salt and held together with a touch of grapeseed oil! This deeply nourished whilst removing dead skin cells, the caffeine helping with uneven skin tone to smooth and stimulate your body.

For best results, you really want to rub this all over you, from head to toe. Yes, it gets messy and the consistency is a little like sand but have fun with it, indulge yourself (recommended to do this in the shower).

it only leaves a small film on your body and the smelling intoxicating.

like a natural tan but, like, really natural and with the edge you need to shine.

It really give you a kick, can cheer you up from the inside and have you glowing on the outside.

I am seriously in love with the gleam it leaves.

So, if you’ve only got a second to be ready for anything the day can throw at you, the limited-edition Frank Body Shimmer Scrub is your speedy solution for polished perfection.

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