Frank Body Shimmer Scrub Review

The sexy sold-out Shimmer Scrub, first released in 2017 is back and better than ever. So here is a little more about the scrub that allows you to shimmer and shine all day long.

Frank Body Baby

It’s heating up and Frank Body have thankfully restocked this unicornesque scrub. Now it’s time for a Frank Body Shimmer Scrub review

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Have you heard of Frank Body? The quirky beauty brand was born here in Australia and they are famous for their natural coffee scrubs. We are celebrating the re-release of their Shimmer Scrub with a review so you know more about it. I may seem overly excited but it’s just sooo good! It literally is the scrub that you will want to rub all over your body. Wash it off, and allow your shiny self to feel like the unicorn you were born to be.

‘Derobe and strobe’

Seriously, there are actual shimmer particles in here, the Frank Bod team call it ‘Glow Dust’. Yup, microscopic gold and silver holographic particles are mixed up in the scrub to leave you shimmering your way through the day.

Frank Body’s Fabulous Mix

Their signature robusta coffee beans are mixed with sugar, and sea salt is held together with a touch of sensuous grapeseed or almond oil. This deeply nourishes skin whilst the granules work to lightly scrub off dead skin cells.  Find more about their all natural, cruelty-free, vegan and fun-loving ingredients on their website at

Caffeine On Your Skin

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If you love coffee as much as I do, you will probably have fantasized about rubbing the granules all over you. If not, it’s time to do so anyway. For best results, you really want to rub this from head to toe. Yes, it gets messy and the consistency is a little bit like sand but that’s how it smooths skin. Make sure you fun with it, indulge yourself. Here is my original Frank Body Coconut Coffee Scrub Review for details and images on how to apply Frank Body Scrubs.

It totally worth the effort as caffeine helps stimulate the skin and bring blood vessels to the surface. This further fights cellulite and uneven skin tone to smooth and stimulate your body.

Shimmer Scrub Review Results

Doing this in the shower is invigorating, you can’t ignore the sweet sweet coffee aroma. The best part is the results – it really does what is promised.

“I will dust off your skin, like you dusted off that cocktail; smooth you over, like that sweet talking bartender; and make your skin shimmer, like a disco ball.” FrankBody

Translation – it will leave you with smooth, nourished and glowing skin. The only thing I was not sure of is the small layer of film left on your body after washing, sort of like an invisible coat of confidence. In the end, you’re left with smoother skin with a shimmery edge and I love it.

I use this Frank Body Shimmer Scrub on special occasions and often use the excess beans from my morning coffee as a DIY scrub (DIY coffee scrub for glowing skin is coming soon). It’s great to exfoliate your body before showering, to prepare skin for a tan or a simple shave. I highly recommend this product, it’s one of the best scrubs on the market. The natural stimulation from their mixture gives a wonderful feeling with a few extra goodies to make it stand out.

Now You’re Gleaming

As you can see. This scrub was made to put a smile on your face. From their clever marketing to their careful customer service. This Aussie brand can cheer you up from the inside and have you glowing on the outside.

So, if you’ve only got a second to be ready for anything the day can throw at you, the limited-edition Frank Body Shimmer Scrub is your speedy solution for polished perfection.

Want more? see more reviews and purchase prices (usually $20) online at, or in good beauty stores like Mecca.

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