Bhave Fresh Ends Review

With Summer calling, I was after a few extra highlights in my hair. Like most, I was hesitant about the ends getting damaged and breaking off – peroxide mixed with the sea, sand, and salt of Summer is never good.

Thankfully, my hairdresser knew how to keep my hair healthy. We contacted Bhave hair to get some new products to try and protect hair, cue Fresh Ends. A cream by Bhave that looks, feels and works like a luxe skincare for healthier, smooth and silky locks all year round.

Bhave Fresh ends is quite revolutionary with the raw natural keratin technology. If there was such thing as cosmeceuticals for your hair, this range would be it. Free from parabens, sulphates & sodium chloride, it’s proven by science to help strenghten and repair damage from the inside.

D3AB199C-C613-4EDB-B812-9C8CD0658D28It may seem like a lot goes into my colour and keratin treated hair, but it makes for an easier day-to-day routine. A little maintenance in the right hands has saved me hours of time and effort best spent elsewhere. I aim to do as little as possible in the mornings, no straightening, no treatments, a little styling and a wash only once a week. Of course, I use Bhave hair’s Rescu Shampoo and Conditioner to treat the Keratin treatment in my hair so it was a no-brainer to try some of their styling products.

Now, a little sea salt spray and this Fresh Ends product is all I need to get out the door. I just add a little extra conditioner before swimming at the beach and pop this on the ends after swimming. It not only makes ends smooth and silky, but I also use it to get rid of any fly-aways. I’ve already seen benefits of the ‘slow releasing peptide/amino acids in the formula. It continuously repairs damage without product build up.

You can see a demo video I made with Alisha, my hairdresser on Instagram. Here are the directions:

  1. Grab a pea size amount
  2. Rub ogether hands
  3. Gently smooth all over hair
  4. Best used on dry/styled hair

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