FOREO Luna 3 skincare review

The Swedish brand has created the perfect match of beauty and tech with the Luna 3.

What is it?

The FOREO Luna 3 is a cleansing device that does so much more. The soft silicone bristles smooth and cleanse the skin, there is also sonic power behind it which gives the skin a buzz. The website says is gives you clean, firm, smooth and glowy skin – yes please.

No matter how long or hard you scrub with your hands, they’ll never get your face as clean, firm, smooth and glowy asLUNA 3’s soft silicone and high-tech sonic power.

First Thoughts

Initially, I had no idea what this was. Having never heard of the Luna 3 or FOREO Brand before, I was going in blind.

I saw the price point, saw that you needed an app and was curious how this cleansing product could be worth it? Here is the range at Mecca, the Luna 3 will set you back $299.

Is it worth it?

I would have to say yes. Yes to clean, firm, smooth and glowy skin – think of it more as device which delivers a ‘SMART FACIAL’ which firms, lifts, sculpts and even tightens skin, whist cleansing /removing impurities – rather than a cleansing device. 

Thank goodness I found product through the Beautyheaven trial team because I am not sure I would have stuck with it and figured out how to use it if I was not.

The box came in the mail with no instructions. Only the code to an App you have to download. I downloaded it, plugged it in and … nothing.

I am pretty tech savvy but this had me stumped. I plugged it in, left it on charge and tried several times to pair the thing. After a few attempts and even trying to get help through the chat on the App nothing worked. After a week of this I have to say I was pretty frustrated. But then it turned on and started to work!

It works

As soon as I used it for a cleanse on my skin I could see why it was so useful. It’s super gentle and gives an amazing clean in no time at all. Now, it’s so easy to use, keep clean and does not need too much charging. 

I now use it everyday, morning, night and even before I put makeup on. It makes so much sense I don’t know how I lived without it.

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