Head & Shoulders Smooth & Silky Review

Most households know Head & shoulders are go-to for anti-dandruff shampoo. Did you know they began in the 1050s? think of all the science they have put behind the bottles since then. This new Smooth & Skily Shampoo and Conditioner is more than that. It offers the moisture and protection to your hair to tackle dryness and frizz from the Summer heat for that gorgeous smooth and, well, silky finish!

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Does Bio Oil Prevent Stretchmarks?

Bio Oil is a golden oil formulated to prevent, nourish and improve skin concerns. It literally makes you glow. So to answer the question, Does Bio Oil prevent stretch marks? From my experience here in Australia, I would say yes! But either way, if I have another baby I will be using the oil just as much as I did during my twin pregnancy. Why? Continue reading


I already love LIPTEMBER and it has only just started. I’ll take any excuse to wear lipstick and this is a great one, allowing you feel good whilst helping others. Women’s mental health is close to my heart. Having toddler twins is not easy and I admit, I have been feeling a little ‘meh’ recently. Literally last night I saw a chance to ‘kiss away the blues’ and join LIPTEMBER so I jumped on it and made a pledge. Continue reading

Superbody Review – Slim Contour Cream

Skin Physics Superbody Slim Contour Review

Contouring for your body? Let me introduce to you a new range from Aussie beaty brand Skin Physics called Superboy. We are not talking about adding a little bronzer or a spray of Airbrush Legs. The Aussie beauty brand has just released two products as part of their revolutionary new range. Frist is a Crepe Away cream for older skin. Second is the Slim Contour cream includes an ingredient which is ‘the first topical alternative to Coolsculpt cryotherapy’. I know people wanted a real, honest Superbody review so here it is Continue reading

Jurlique Nutri-Define Eye Contour Balm Review

If you think you can’t glow without a highlighter or a little sweat, think again. The natural oils your skin produces and a naturally derived skin care routine will make your skin radiate. Not only does the new Nutri-Define range from Jurlique help create that glow, it tackles ageing head on…and wins! How? Read the review below and see how everything Jurlique does is Inspired by nature. Continue reading