So what will 2018 bring? My mind is already at me, but now I’m fighting back. New year…new (you know the saying). With all these empowerment movements I’m more determined than ever to face that doubt. After 9 months of blogging, here are some learnings, thoughts, and goals to welcome 2018 with some girl power and positivity.

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Head & Shoulders Smooth & Silky Review

Most households know Head & shoulders are go-to for anti-dandruff shampoo. Did you know they began in the 1050s? think of all the science they have put behind the bottles since then. This new Smooth & Skily Shampoo and Conditioner is more than that. It offers the moisture and protection to your hair to tackle dryness and frizz from the Summer heat for that gorgeous smooth and, well, silky finish!

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I already love LIPTEMBER and it has only just started. I’ll take any excuse to wear lipstick and this is a great one, allowing you feel good whilst helping others. Women’s mental health is close to my heart. Having toddler twins is not easy and I admit, I have been feeling a little ‘meh’ recently. Literally last night I saw a chance to ‘kiss away the blues’ and join LIPTEMBER so I jumped on it and made a pledge. Continue reading “LIPTEMBER 2017”

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