So what will 2018 bring? My mind is already at me, but now I’m fighting back. New year…new (you know the saying). With all these empowerment movements I’m more determined than ever to face that doubt. After 9 months of blogging, here are some learnings, thoughts, and goals to welcome 2018 with some girl power and positivity.

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Jurlique Nutri-Define Eye Contour Balm Review

If you think you can’t glow without a highlighter or a little sweat, think again. The natural oils your skin produces and a naturally derived skin care routine will make your skin radiate. Not only does the new Nutri-Define range from Jurlique help create that glow, it tackles ageing head on…and wins! How? Read the review below and see how everything Jurlique does is Inspired by nature. Continue reading “Jurlique Nutri-Define Eye Contour Balm Review”

Le Tan Uber Dark Self Tanning Foam – Violet Base

Although I’m not tanning it up on a European holiday right now, Le Tan’s new range would have you fooled. I used one of their new self-tans with a violet base and it gave me a bronzed glow that – after only four hours – developed the same level of richness you would see after a month of European sunshine. The new Uber Dark range comes in four variants, perfectly suited to your skin type and it really works. Continue reading “Le Tan Uber Dark Self Tanning Foam – Violet Base”

Blown Lux Bar Barangaroo

I visited a beautiful new makeup and hair styling bar in Barangaroo, Sydney called Blown Lux. Less than a month old, it’s clear this luxury beauty salon is going to be a hit. I am always looking out for things that make my life easier and this was no exception. Having someone else styling you takes all the stress out of getting ready and just makes it fun!

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To Be Beyoncé

Update 14/7/17 >> Now that Sir Carter and Rumi have entered the world… From Queen to Goddess, Beyoncé has reached a saintly level. Yet, in some ways, she is so relatable, right? Maybe it’s because she has just had twins and I get what she may have gone through. But the bigger Bey gets the more reach she has. Yes, Beyonce is out of this world, so full of love beauty and life on and off stage. But at the end of the day, she is a woman who does some incredible things. I wanted to explore that a little more so I had to dedicate a post to her and all the women she has empowered. #Bowdown 👸

Why do we love Bey? Her music? Becuase she is a Mum? Is she not afraid to be as beautiful as she is? Or maybe it’s because stands up for her rights and the people around her, she does what she can to make a difference and believes? I’ll go with D. All of the above! Continue reading “To Be Beyoncé”

How To Glow Like Hailey Baldwin

As you know, I love a simple glow so was very excited when beauty it-girl Hailey Baldwin released her makeup line with ModelCo cosmetics. In Nov’17 the much loved Aussie beauty brand known for its quality affordable products launched the new collab, and it sold out straight away. Now, it has never been easier to re-create the Guess Model and socialite’s ‘no makeup’ makeup look she is famous for.

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