Way to Make Dads Day

Make Dads Day Special

I found myself wondering why Father’s Day was not on par with Mothers Day. With an equal amount of Dads as there are Mums, why significant difference in celebrations? The work should be shared. Plain and simply, Dads deserve their day.

So here are some suggestions to make Dads day.

First Thoughts

Breakfast in bed. Most fathers I know are the first awake and out the door before the rest of the snoozing family is up (very true in my case). If you don’t read anything else here, at least take this: A lie in and some food – think pancakes, OJ and a cuppa – is sure way to make Dads day.

On a Personal Note

Father figures are big in my life and I’m always trying to let them know how much they are appreciated. Dads never want to make things a big deal, but they are. I watched my father quit work and dedicate his life to us, three kids. He played every full-time role, from a housekeeper, hairdresser to breadwinner, chauffeur, counsellor and more. Dad did everything he could to give us the best chance in life. I grew up fast as the oldest at 16, but am forever thankful.

IMG-8468My partner is the best possible Dad to our young twins, a true inspiration, and lifeline to our family. We just adore him. These men, like many others, will do anything for their families. They at least deserve a little thanks, and perhaps some time-out, on us.

So without a whiff of old socks or soap, here are a few more free, tested and inspiring ideas to make Dads day:

Ways to Make Dads Day

Pamper Pap

Taking from the old ‘Pamper Mum’, it’s time to pamper Dad. Men still seem to shy away from day spa’s and grooming services. They just need a nudge in the right direction. Father’s Day is a great excuse to get them there. (I feel a sense of duty here to recommend some great places you can send them to ‘glow’), so here you go:

Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 2.44.13 pm

An easy-access hotel spa voucher won’t let you down, try Spa by Chuan at The Langham or SpaQ at the QT. The QT Barber Shop next door is male grooming heaven. Nestled in the basement of the old Gowings Building, the cool, calm & timeless  MR BOND SHAVE VOUCHER is a good start.

Another option is Face of Man in the Sydney CBD, where first-timers get a $25 gift voucher. The Barber Shop is nearby and also worth a mention as their award-winning bar is in the adjacent room. This grooming session is best served with tasty treats and tantalizing cocktails.

Shave and Spritz

Fathers day gift ideas pamper

Old School Shaving Kit

If the bloke prefers to shave and ‘pamper’ from the comfort of his own home, try a traditional shaving kit. First, they look lovely on the shelf and add a little luxury to a man’s every day. It encourages them to take some time for himself. The one pictured is from Dr. Harris, is a treat. The old school British company has been making these kits since the 1790s. You can find along with a few other masculine treats here.

Goldfield & Banks: Wood Infusion

Back to true Australian roots, the fine fragrance brand Goldfield and Banks’ brand pays homage to Sir Joseph Banks. As a botanist and naturalist, he was often referred to as the ‘Father of Australia’. Fitting for Father’s Day, (I only found this out after choosing this fragrance for my father and doing my research!).

Inspired by Australia’s unique flora, Goldfield & Banks produces the finest quality fragrances for both men and women. This particular bottle of Wood Infusion has a delicate top note of White Sandalwood, found in the Kununurra region of Australia. The bottle it is inspired by the wood species found around the white sandy beaches of Fraser Island. Blending the exotic spices with local, rich wood, this is a heavenly scent.Fathers day gift ideas fragrance

“Inspired by the lush nature of the balmy heritage listed Fraser Island in the Pacific Ocean, Wood Infusion is a celebration of all wood species found around the island. This fragrance is an exotic infusion of Australian woods enriched with Sandalwood Album, Iris and velvety Agarwood (Oud Wood).” Goldfield & Banks

Goldfield & Banks Wood Infusion can be found in boutiques or online at https://www.gentsac.com.au/brand/goldfield-banks-australia/

Something to Free the Mind

A Bush Walk

Another way to make Dads day is to get him moving. With all the wonderfully unique flora and fauna Australia has to offer, book in some quality time to free the mind. Find a local track in your nearest national park, there are plenty of sites to show off some walks in your area, such as Aussie Bushwalking. Remember to take some sustenance, a map, and – like many Dads say – let someone know where you’re going!

A Library Membership

Why get him a book (my Dad needs no more books), when you have a whole library? Besides the fact that this is a thoughtful gift that keeps on giving, this covers the dudes who say they don’t want/need anything.

Fathers Day Library membership

Share books, magazines, explore multi-media and get involved in community events – the local library can unlock a whole new world. It’s accessible, endless knowledge served free to feed the mind.

“The only thing you need to know is where the nearest library is” – Albert Einstien

A Home-made Card

On that free note, nothing is nicer than a homemade card with a little note to say thanks, I love you. And maybe a Dad joke whilst you’re at it…

What do you call a man with a rubber toe? Roberto.

Wish List

Last on the ‘wish list’ is certainly wishful thinking. I leave you with this beautiful and appropriately named artwork by Dale Frank: Dale Frank Fathers

Dale Frank The boy came to call him Dad and brought coffee to him in bed every morning
2017. Aluminium, silver, varnish and Epoxy glass on Perspex. 200 x 150cm. More here.

Happy Fathers Day

To all our fathers, father figures, those who are both, and those here and elsewhere. On ya, Dad.

Sammy x


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