Does Bio Oil Prevent Stretchmarks?

Bio Oil is a golden oil formulated to prevent, nourish and improve skin concerns. It literally makes you glow. So to answer the question, Does Bio Oil prevent stretch marks? From my experience here in Australia, I would say yes! But either way, if I have another baby I will be using the oil just as much as I did during my twin pregnancy. Why? Continue reading

Infrared Sauna At Nimbus & Co

Who doesn’t like a treatment that simply requires blissing-out? The infrared saunas at Nimbus & Co, Bondi offer just that. I recently spent some time relaxing in there and found the sauna was fantastic for skin purification, detoxification, and even healing. Their unique panels emit light and energy waves that penetrate your tissues, skin cells and muscles bringing a whole new level of glowing goodness to your sauna experience.

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Beauté Pacifique DermaScan Event

Product close up form Glow Manifesto at the Beaute Pacifique event

I was invited to attend one of the coveted DermaScan events by Beauté Pacifique. This was held at one of their partner cosmetic clinic’s The Skin Manifesto. If you have not heard of the brand or these scanning events, you should try it! The DermaScanner is exclusively from the innovative Danish brand which uses ultrasound technology to scan the 3 layers of your skin to complete a through check of your skin’s condition. Continue reading

Glow Like a Goddess at Beach St Spray Tanning Salon

Beach St Tanning salon is a luxe beauty hub based in the heart of Paddington. It’s my go-salon, not just because of the state-of-the-art services and certified organic products. It’s run by Lauren Capelin, co-founder of popular tanning brand Sunescape & Giuliana Benedet. They share over 20 years experience of 5-star spray tans between them. With the stunningly chic interior designed by none other than TV designer Shaynna Blaze, it’s THE place for tanning aficionado’s with celebs, bloggers and media all flocking to this new tanning mecca. Continue reading

Dermal Fillers At The Skin Manifesto

My skin changed dramatically after becoming a mum. So I went to The Skin Manifesto for some much-needed me-time and to begin my journey back to happy healthy skin and self. 

Dermal Fillers at The Skin Manifesto is my experience receiving Dermal Fillers in 2016. Before kids, I never considered them for me. But after having the treatment, I was surprised just how great the results were – this treatment was a winner and has made me feel like my old self again.
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How To Protect Your Skin From Pollution

I missed an opportunity to go to a talk on ‘Protecting your skin from pollution’. I simply did not want to buy into another excuse to cram more product onto my overfilled shelf. Had I gone to the talk, I would not have had to dig up my own research. Pollution’s effect on skin is often overlooked, especially for us city folk.

Protecting skin against wrinkles has been the focus of anti-ageing skincare forever, but in today’s society, age is not the only culprit. Environmental factors affect every aspect of our lives including premature ageing. You can thank this for your fine lines, dark spots and dehydrated skin well before we start the ageing process. It’s accelerated by extrinsic factors such as pollution, sun and cigarette smoke. Nothing to fear, but something to be aware of.

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Angels of Florence Perfume

Finding the Angels of Florence perfume provided the most beautiful and unique insight to one of the oldest perfume experiences in the world.

For an unforgettable experience of original perfumes, I visited the culturally rich capital of Florence. As I walked amongst the flowers, stunning sculptures and past The Santa Maria Novella church I got excited. You could smell The Pharmacy of Santa Maria Novella before you could see it. Full of intoxicating scents and stunning perfumes – I had discovered the holy grail in my beauty loving art world.

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