Le Tan Uber Dark Self Tanning – Violet Base


Although I’m not tanning it up on a European holiday right now, Le Tan’s new range would have you fooled. I used one of their new self-tans with a violet base and it gave me a bronzed glow that – after only four hours – developed the same level of richness you would see after a month of European sunshine. The new Uber Dark range comes in four variants, perfectly suited to your skin type and it really works. Continue reading

Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Water

Have you tried the Sensibio H20 Micellar Solution from Bioderma? If you’ve recently had your makeup done professionally, it’s likely you have. Why? Industry professionals love this because they can use it on any skin type. They use it to remove makeup, dirt and prepare the face because it does not irritate the skin. Micellar Water is soap free, alcohol free, fragrance free and hypoallergenic. Today, Bioderma claims that 1 of these bottles are sold every 3 seconds worldwide. Lucky for us, the French brand has recently become available in Australia. Continue reading

Blown Lux Bar Barangaroo

Soft curls at Blown Luxe Bar Baragna

I visited a beautiful new makeup and hair styling bar in Barangaroo, Sydney called Blown Lux. Less than a month old, it’s clear this luxury beauty salon is going to be a hit. I am always looking out for things that make my life easier and this was no exception. Having someone else styling you takes all the stress out of getting ready and just makes it fun!

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Infrared Sauna At Nimbus & Co

Who doesn’t like a treatment that simply requires blissing-out? The infrared saunas at Nimbus & Co, Bondi offer just that. I recently spent some time relaxing in there and found the sauna was fantastic for skin purification, detoxification, and even healing. Their unique panels emit light and energy waves that penetrate your tissues, skin cells and muscles bringing a whole new level of glowing goodness to your sauna experience.

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Getting Ready With @Jenuineblogger

The Glow Manifesto outside of hairstyle by jenuineblogger in Perth

A group of us were invited to the most magical wedding in Perth, held a the new Crown Towers with lots of friends and family. We were all flying in from around the world for the weekend and were so excited to see the lovely couple get married. Dresses were chosen, gifts were wrapped, RSVPs were in and we could not wait to dance the night away with everyone. We wanted glam it up, but did not have a squad on hand to help achieve a really polished look that would last all day and into the night – what to do! Continue reading

Beauté Pacifique DermaScan Event

Product close up form Glow Manifesto at the Beaute Pacifique event

I was invited to attend one of the coveted DermaScan events by Beauté Pacifique. This was held at one of their partner cosmetic clinic’s The Skin Manifesto. If you have not heard of the brand or these scanning events, you should try it! The DermaScanner is exclusively from the innovative Danish brand which uses ultrasound technology to scan the 3 layers of your skin to complete a through check of your skin’s condition. Continue reading