Raww Cosmetics – Acai Berry Glow Illuminator Review

The Acai Berry Glow Illuminator from Raww Cosmetics could be the makeup stick of my dreams. The all-natural highlighter winds up like lipstick and features a buff brush to perfect the look. It’s just genius.



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Raww Cosmetics

These days, it’s rare to find truly natural, vegan products that are not tested on animals. There are previous posts on Raww Cosmetics, but we had to dedicate another review on the Acai Berry Glow Illuminator. The company behind Raww Cosmetics knows a thing or two about conscious beauty and have managed to tick all these boxes. This includes being Australian owned and made plus a few more reasons.

Five reasons to LOVE Raww Cosmetics:

  • Australian made (aside from a few brushes you can’t make here!)
  • Certified vegan – by the vegan society
  • Organic/ Certified Cosmos Natural – Full of natural and certified organic ingredients
  • Certified cruelty-free
  • It’s full of glowy goodness

Acai Berry Glow Illuminator Review

I honestly think Raww Cosmetics Acai Berry Glow Illuminator sells itself. So here is a little review with an added how-to, cos if you like to glow, you will love this.

The lightly coloured, luminescent tone seamlessly blends with any skin shade. The scent is this heavenly acai berry that smells like Summer – it will transport you to a better place (and headspace). It is just the glow I want to achieve each day.

All-Natural Ingredients

Rawww Cosmetics Acai Berry Glow Illuminator

It is not easy to find a great glow, but this one helps one achieve goddess status. The effortless glow comes from the list of 100% natural ingredients used including coconut oil, vitamin E, Pomegranate Oil, and Macadamia Oil. The mix nourishes the skin, plus it is infused with chia seed to help fight free radicals for a truly glowy complexion.

Natural Ingredients = Natural Glow

Not only does it have that beautiful luminescence of a highlighter, but it also gives an extremely natural-looking, dewy glow. The natural makeup creates a soft consistency when blended with skin. Forget an oily film or sticky, clumpy powder – plus, the buffer brush makes sure of that.

I no longer have time to wear make up every day but when I do I try to keep it simple. A base, mascara and a little brow gel, something on cheeks, gloss and this Acai Berry Glow Illuminator will do the trick.

How To Apply

Glowing from Raww Cosmetics Acai Berry Illuminator
I was so excited when first trying this.

Wanrning: less is more. You may be tempted to rub this all over your face, excercise restraint for a beautiful effect.

Best used over a base (form moisturiser, sunscreen, primer or foundation), from there, simply glide the highlighter to the ‘high’ points of your face – the ones you want to stick out, such as.

  • cupids bow (upper lip)
  • tips of cheekbones
  • bridge of the nose (if, unlike mine, your nose is straight)
  • brow bone

Turn the stick around to the buffer brush and buff a little into the skin to ensure an all around, even glow. Seriously, this buffing brush at the other end is a bonus for a flawless finish wherever you are.

Last Thoughts

Raww Cosmetics creates this lipstick-like contraption tool is a great design. I love anything on a stick, it just makes it quicker and easier to use. Adding this into a cream highlighter and built-in brush is a stroke of genius. It is hygienic, allows for plenty of creamy product to be packaged in the tube and evenly distributed.

Tools are perfectly complimenting the luxe packaging, the price point is an affordable $24.99 online and the product itself is beautiful.

You’re Glowing

Tip: Use a little finishing spray for the glow to last all day.

The effects are truly glowy, not pearly, or sparkly or shiny, just that gorgeous ‘OMG you’re glowing feel’. The feels are so good my girlfriend ‘misplaced’ my one of these and it’s now all used up so we’re off to restock!

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Sammy xx

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